Sublemonal - Wiccatrix (Coming Soon)

WiccAtriX - Coming Soon to Steam

Due for release late November 2024

Official Trailer

1 Jan 2024 - Update

Frequently asked questions

What sort of game is WiccAtriX?

Wiccatrix is single player Action RPG for PC. It will have a unique spell crafting system that allows the player to create their own spells. There will be 27 different spell commands. Each command, (or incantation) consists of a Rune and it's corresponding Reagent. Each of the 27 commands will have a different effect on the spells behaviour. The player will need to learn the spell system to create spells. It will be necessary to use spells to progress through the game.

There is also a need to gather the reagents which will be found throught the game from pickups, loot dropped off enemies and rewards. There are also merchants that will sell reagents to you but will buy them back from you for a significant mark down so be careful you don't get scammed.
There will be quests, puzzles, a unique storyline and boss fights. I am trying to make it funny, so hopefully the humour is well recieved. There will also be combat and Ragdoll physics by the bucketload..

What was the inspiration for making WiccAtriX?

I have always been a fan of the "Roguelike" genre, pretty mutch since the original rogue game from 1980 which I first became aware of in the early 90's with my first PC..
The Wiccatrix project is inspired by RPG's and Roguelikes. Although I was originally intending for the game to be a Roguelike with a lot of procedural generation, I have leaned into crafting experiences manually as the game has evolved.. Wiccatrix is also inspired by games like Atari Gauntlet, Mindscape Legend (aka The 4 Crystals of Trazere), & Ultima 8.

When will it be released and how can I find out more about WiccAtriX?

WiccAtriX is scheduled to be released in November 2024. I will be crunching every day until then to get this released.. The steam store page has been submitted I'm just waiting for steam to approve it. Today is Jan 1st 2024 so I expect the steam store page to be live 4th of January 24 or not long after.

I will post updates spirodiacally here and,Twitter (X), Youtube, Facebook, Reddit & Discord, & the Steam page soon...

Cheers ~ Sub

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